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TMSMT Consulting is a Main Contractor firm. Project management also forms part of our service. Several specialist subcontracting firms join hands with us to bring the customers requirements to completion. Scope of work ranges from minor projects to medium sized buildings.On certain Civil Engineering projects (like Bill Boards) we form part of a professional sub-contracting team, performing the Civil Concrete Works.We are focused on giving an outstanding level of service in the construction sector.


Safe and successful offshore construction operations rely on precise, assured and reliable data concerning surface and subsurface locations and status. This is especially true in harsh environments and challenging conditions. Securing the right support services can benefit your project when it comes to critical time, cost and performance objectives.


We provide the information and expertise to generate successful building and infrastructure projects. Contributing to the feasibility, design, engineering, construction, maintenance and decommissioning stages, we help strengthen, improve and validate decision-making, delivering long-term assurance.


The need for clean water, flood control, and healthy aquatic environments places increasing demands on the world's water systems. Fugro offers a comprehensive approach to water resources management with a professional team that includes hydro-geologists, hydrologists, soil scientists and geophysicists, as well as water quality and regulatory specialists.


For roadway monitoring TMSMT’s vast experience in pavement research and design assists government transportation departments and private entities in condition monitoring and identification of deficiencies, enabling prioritisation of road work. Our application of new technologies and methods for the collection of roadway data places us as a leader in pavement and asset management services, with a range of services across the world.


To manage project risks, especially for those which are performed in difficult or challenging areas, TMSMT has a wealth of specialist resources. A combination of professional capabilities and specialised equipment means that we can readily support projects in areas of seismic activity, or where site access is difficult. We frequently work in climatic extremes, areas of environmental sensitivity or urban or industrial complexity and in challenging conditions (remote, soft, marshy, over-water, hazardous).


TMSMT enables you to manage your project risks by providing you with state-of-the-art data acquisition, consulting services, geological hazards risk assessment and mitigation. In regions of the world with geotechnical, environmental and climatic complexities we deliver a professional service by combining our in-house geological and geophysical surveying capabilities with our experienced professionals.

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